Hospital furniture | Medical furniture

  First, the history of hospital furniture
  Hospital furniture, also known as medical furniture, is a new concept in recent years. Until the 1980s, the furniture of the medical system was not much different from that of ordinary furniture. With the development of medical technology in the 20th century, people began to pay attention to the function of hospital furniture and the design of indoor and outdoor space environment construction. Since the 1990s, China’s hospital furniture industry also began to emerge.
  ”Hospital furniture” means furniture specially used for hospitals. It is mainly used in reception hall, examination room, waiting area, treatment room, pharmacy room, hospital room, hand room, laboratory, nursing center, supply center, dirt room, baby-loving area, oral department, inspection department and so on.
  Medical furniture includes doctor’s office desk and chair, medical floor cabinet, medical hanging cabinet, medical locker, medical function cabinet, medical function table, medical bed, nurse’s station, nurse’s desk, diagnostic bed, diagnostic table, waiting chair, patient chair, physician chair, infusion chair and movable edge Cabinet, glass medicine cabinet, classified medicine cabinet, open medicine cabinet, Chinese medicine cabinet, western medicine cabinet, classified trash can, return car, medical records car and other medical functional purpose furniture.
  Second, the development trend of hospital furniture
  1. Be green
  Green furniture is the primary standard for the production of hospital furniture, and it is strictly required that the amount of formaldehyde in all boards of hospital furniture meet the green environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the surface of the hospital furniture is also environmentally friendly paint. In use, will not dilute the harmful gases and harmful substances to human body. Environmentally friendly hospital furniture is not only harmless to human body and environment in the process of use, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection in production and recycling. The selected materials should be energy saving, low consumption, low pollution, easy to recover and reuse. Some rare metals such as copper, aluminum and tin use a lot of energy in their refining process. The longer the life of the product, the more durable furniture also reduces the energy consumption in reprocessing. On the other hand, also be a condition of furniture of green environmental protection.
  2. Hospital furniture is closely connected with the overall spatial environment design of the hospital, and the interests of patients are given priority.
  With the rapid development of medical treatment in China, people have more requirements on hospital environment and medical technology, such as comfort and convenience of hospital environment.
  Hospital furniture is humanized concept design in accordance with the overall hospital space environment, which has been integrated into the hospital building space, showing the characteristics and comfort of each hospital, reducing the tension of patients seeking medical treatment and reducing the working pressure of medical staff. Avoid hospital indoor environment cramped and urgent, monotonous, unpleasant odor further expand aggravating the psychological burden of patients. Here, we need to pay attention to the design of hospital furniture, and the integration of hospital building environment space, hospital medical concept, to play a comfortable, personalized effect.

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