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  When making medical furniture purchase plan, hospital users have developed from paying attention to practicability to comprehensive measurement. Only in this way, the overall environment of hospital can be more humanized. Both doctors working in hospitals and patients visiting hospitals can have a more comfortable mood. This will not only improve the enthusiasm of doctors, but also unknowingly affect the patient’s confidence in the hospital and doctors, which is conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded. So what are the main problems we should pay attention to when buying medical furniture?
  When choosing these medical furniture, first consider the way the furniture is placed and understand the furniture needs of each room. Before that, we need specific measurement and furniture placement design, we should be prepared for our own furniture purchase plan, so as to avoid the risk of buying furniture, and find the furniture placement is not right.
  Choose furniture according to the decoration of the hospital, the decoration style of the hospital determines the choice of furniture. For example, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals often choose some decorative design with Chinese elements, so the purchased furniture should also have Chinese characteristics, so as to emphasize the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture.
  We should also consider the environmental performance of furniture. Hospitals pay more attention to the environmental performance of furniture, because doctors pay more attention to health, so they should first ensure the environmental protection and pollution-free furniture, and then consider the convenience of use from the actual function. This kind of medical furniture must pass the relevant department environmental protection certification, must not have the peculiar smell.

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