Medical furniture | hospital furniture

Medical furniture and household furniture belong to a kind of furniture, but are different in all aspects, for example, in color, because the place used is different, the requirements for color are different. Household furniture is generally chosen according to personal preference, but medical furniture should take into account the image of the hospital, and generally choose a less conspicuous and warm tone.

Select material

Because the function is different, the requirement is also different. Household furniture generally has moisture-proof, high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance is worse than medical furniture.

Manufacturing requirements

Furniture is generally beautiful and practical, while medical furniture requires good material, durable, convenient disassembly and assembly.

The difference between hospital furniture and furniture

General furniture: mainly with personal and family numerology related decoration, pay attention to the orientation of decoration, and then coordinate decoration.

Medical furniture: mainly designed and arranged according to the functions and medical procedures of different departments to improve work efficiency and reduce infection.

Design differences between medical furniture and home furniture

Common furniture: give priority to with colour diversification, vogue, agile.

Medical furniture: In addition to the above characteristic design, its design concept is more diversified, mainly to fully meet the special effects of different departments.

The material difference between medical furniture and ordinary furniture

Medical furniture is made of more environmentally friendly materials than household furniture, and on top of that, it is also more resistant to chemical reactions to ensure anti-corrosion, moisture, fire and mildew protection. The most important thing is to reduce infection.

The style difference between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture

General furniture is mainly in accordance with the interior decoration style, hospital furniture is mainly in accordance with the overall building of the hospital, indoor space environment and other multi-dimensional, multi-angle architectural design style.

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