Hospital furniture | Navigation table,

  Hospital furniture emphasizes safety and practicality in the use of furniture, for example, furniture should not have sharp protrusions to prevent injury to patients. Many unnecessary features have been dropped. Home furnishing emphasizes fashion and beauty, and the two are different in a few ways.
  Hospital furniture included
  Navigation table, doctor’s desk and chair, waiting chair and inpatient ward table and chair. The purchase of these furniture must be consistent with the overall style of the hospital, considering the integrity and coordination, so as to make patients feel comfortable and not cause irritability.
  Different requirements for materials
  Hospitals often need to disinfect, and the room is humid, so the hospital furniture materials must be resistant to humidity, high temperature, and have a certain fire resistance. Household furniture is not very demanding, but more beautiful. At the same time, hospital furniture is purchased once every many years and must be durable, otherwise it will cause a waste of hospital funds.
  Different colors
  The color of household furniture is more diverse, there are Nordic style, there are American style, but the hospital should consider quiet, use warm color, let the patient comfortable. General hospital furniture is mainly white or light green.
  When it comes to the choice of hospital furniture, many people do not think so, but think that as long as the furniture is fashionable and durable. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, the choice of medical home has its own set of requirements, must not be in accordance with the requirements of household furniture to choose.
  These are the things we need to consider when choosing hospital furniture. Hospital furniture is distinctly different from a family home. Don’t buy home furniture with the intention of buying hospital furniture.

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