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Most medical furniture design is the design practitioners engaged in furniture, decoration and other related professions, as well as the design results obtained from the use experience of medical workers. Due to the characteristics of the space environment of medical buildings, Conventional furniture design methods or simple functional design can not meet the development needs of advanced medical equipment. Medical furniture design of Jiangsu Depin Furniture Group starts from the overall perspective of medical environment design, takes humanized design as the starting point, takes the integrated design of medical environment and furniture as the starting point, and summarizes the following points according to the characteristics of hospital work.

1. Compared with furniture in other places, medical furniture has higher requirements in safety, humanization, acid, alkali and wear resistance.

2. Green and environmental protection is the primary standard for medical furniture procurement. All the plates used in medical furniture meet the green environmental protection standards, and no other harmful substances can be released during use.

3. Meet the functional needs of medical treatment. Medical furniture users are mainly divided into two parts, one is doctors and nurses and other staff, and the other is patients. Due to the large number of people in hospitals, furniture is more prone to wear and tear, so the wear resistance and durability of medical furniture become important criteria for procurement.

4. In addition to meeting the requirements of durability, medical furniture must also have the characteristics of laboratory furniture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. For example, medical treatment cabinet, medical treatment cabinet and other requirements must be moisture-proof, anti-cross infection, wear resistance, medical cabinet handle must be anti-rust, medical artificial stone needs to prevent acid and alkali strong, with good heat resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

5. Medical furniture must also meet the requirements of humanization. The first step of humanization requirement is to carry out ergonomics, the design should be humanized to facilitate the use of patients, such as the edges and corners to round corners, to design handrails, facilitate the patient to stand up, etc., at the same time tonal to be more lively, but also safe.

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