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Medical environment and furniture is one of the important signs of social civilization and progress, and its development is closely related to people’s living standard. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for the hospital’s medical environment, and the innovation of humanized medical environment has gradually received extensive attention from all walks of life. At present, China’s modern hospital construction is in a new period of development, in addition to the building space environment of the hospital, as the most important part of the overall space environment — medical furniture has become the focus of the improvement of the hospital environment, this paper will preliminarily discuss the role and design of medical furniture.

The difference between medical furniture and ordinary furniture

Hospital furniture is an indispensable part of medical space environment and the main component of indoor environment. In the space environment of hospital, hospital furniture accounts for about 45% of the indoor area, and is the main contact object for medical staff, patients and their families to carry out diagnosis and treatment and work. At the same time, medical furniture bears the expectation of some people in the fight against diseases. Therefore, the design of hospital furniture is very critical. Hospital furniture design should not only consider the use of roles, but also according to the scientific standard layout, coordination of form and color, hierarchical design, to create a medical environment with different style characteristics. Make medical staff feel comfortable at work. Let the patients enjoy the warmth of family care, promote the doctor-patient relationship, make the hospital full of warmth and vitality.

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