Medical furniture maintenance methods

Medical furniture maintenance methods:


1, medical furniture should be placed in the air flow place, relatively dry, can not be near the fire or wet wall, can not be exposed to the sun, often exposed to the sun will make metal accessories easy oxidation deterioration.

2. Dust on medical furniture should be cleaned gently with a feather duster. Try not to scrub with water, but with wet soft cloth when necessary.

3, cabinet medical furniture should be lifted off the ground when moving, not pushed and pulled, so as not to loose or damaged legs.

4, sofa, soft bed and other medical furniture should be placed in a dry place. Avoid rust inside the spring, affect the elasticity.

5, the desktop can not put acid, alkaline corrosive materials, can not put water, aluminum pot, iron, etc..

6. The ground on which medical furniture is placed must be kept flat and the four legs should land evenly, especially the chair, should be changed to pay attention to the four legs landing evenly.

7, table stains can be treated with soft cloth stained with stain removal oil to wipe, can restore brightness, especially tape mark viscosity is high, it is not easy to wipe, stain removal oil is the best detergent, but it is not good for the skin, should avoid long-term contact.

8, if the drawer does not slip smoothly, you can buy WD-40 lubricant spray cloth slide at the hardware store. If the chest of drawers has a tilt, the left and right sides of the cabinet with hand down pressure, you can make the drawer surface smooth.

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