Medical custom furniture manufacturer

The macroeconomic climate index is not high, the household industry competition intensified, terminal sales growth slowed down, the overall profit declined significantly… In recent two or three years, the life of most enterprises in the home furnishing industry is not very good, and the phenomenon of closing stores and shrinking stores occurs from time to time. However, unlike other categories struggling, the custom industry in recent years has not only been bucking the trend to break through, but also become the most eye-catching “big dark horse” in the industry with its amazing rise speed.

Medical custom furniture manufacturers how to become a dark horse industry? Specialized in hospital construction projects to do production services. With the rapid development of society, people’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and the social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed. The products of office furniture and hospital furniture in the market are also becoming more and more detailed. Whether modern medical equipment is green and environmentally friendly has become an important indicator for people to choose medical equipment. “Green design, green production, green environmental protection” has become a new concept of hospital furniture production and sales.

Allow me to introduce green medical equipment to you. Green hospital furniture refers to the characteristics of safety, comfort, beauty, permanence, no pollution, material saving, sustainable development and ergonomic design of hospital furniture while satisfying the use of medical staff. Bo medical furniture is a focus on hospital furniture enterprise specialized in the production of 15 years, we have professional design team, pay attention to the principle of ergonomics design, innovative development, make the hospital furniture not only consider the human body physiological state, when the static stress and consider the physiological state of the human body dynamic stress, improve the work efficiency and greatly improve the comfort and safety of the user. The selection, design, production and use of furniture materials in “Green Hospital” are green and environmentally friendly, harmless to human environment, and also meet environmental requirements in production and recycling.

Hospital furniture is strictly required to meet the green environmental protection index of formaldehyde dilution, and the selected materials should be energy saving, low consumption, pollution, easy to recover and easy to recover. Because of the large passenger flow of the hospital, each department has different requirements for the hospital. Facing this problem, Huashen Medical furniture adopts different materials, styles and colors according to the needs of different departments. The product has smooth appearance, uniform internal and external structure, stable size, high strength, environmental protection, flame retardant, weather resistance and other characteristics, excellent processing performance and surface decoration performance. This is the inherent advantage and uniqueness of green materials.

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