Few Wardrobe and Wardrobe Maintenance Tips

  To share a few wardrobe and wardrobe maintenance tips:
  1: The cabinet door should be cleaned from time to time, and there should be no sundries and dust in the track. When cleaning, use semi-wet cloth to scrub the cabinet body and door, avoid using corrosive detergent. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as cabinets and rods can be wiped with a dry cloth.
  2: when it is humid in the south, please open the doors and Windows regularly for ventilation and place small packets of dry lime or other desiccant in the corner of the wardrobe to avoid mildew and deformation of the cabinet and door panel.
  3: in order to avoid heavy objects and sharp instruments hit the track, scratch cabinet body and door plate, cabinet sealing edge can not touch water and other liquid solvents, avoid sealing edge appear to fall.
  4: skills more breathable, or the regular use of dehumidifier, to avoid cabinet, clothing damp bacteria. The balmy agent that contains chemical composition is used less to chest divide flavour, because they can form harm to clothes-making very likely.
  5: In the purchase, choose the drawer, cabinet close degree of high furniture, is the best strategy to reduce dust.
  6: Light rail door pulley is normal when it is used for a long time. In order to ensure pulley durability and smooth silence, please add lubricating oil along the upper and lower pulley every 2-3 months.
  7: wooden wardrobe usually as long as clean cloth scrubbing, if there are stains, you can consider the use of soapy water or neutral detergent, with wet cloth scrubbing.
  8: do not place the wardrobe in the local direct sunlight, to avoid wood deformation or brittle crack under the light.
  9: long time to use sliding door, dust strip may have subtle glue phenomenon, with double-sided adhesive can be; There is a gap in the position of the lower track positioner. Use a flat-head screwdriver to align the positioner and push the side plate to the close seam. Sliding door skewed phenomenon, skewed to the right of the left bottom wheel of the “loose” sign or the right bottom wheel of the “tight” sign.
  10: when using the sliding door, we must first see whether the handle is convex. If there is a convex, we should press flat first, otherwise it will damage the side cabinet or handle.

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