The method of selecting the wall panel of computer room

  1, choose paint galvanized steel plate as the surface material of the wall board, so that it has the characteristics of wall smooth, smooth and clean, no dust, no ash, easy to clean, wipe resistance and so on;
  2, the requirements of the wall panel with fire performance, must pass the “National Fire building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” type test, meet the one-hour fire prevention requirements;
  3, requirements panels with antistatic performance, when the room decorate a high grade, high degree of precision equipment, strict in running environment, sensitive to electrostatic effect, the need to use anti-static steel as room wall plate, it can prevent electrostatic accumulation, effective, timely and eliminate static electricity, will the telecom room to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
  4. The wall panel of the machine room needs to have the characteristics of simple and fast installation, convenient replacement and disassembly, flexible, and easy installation and reuse of materials;
  5, the requirements of excellent quality, stable wallboard;

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