Machine room metal wall panel should have four points

  The metal wall panel of the machine room has the characteristics of beautiful, clean and comfortable, and the quality of the plate can be moved to the office when the site is completed. It does not pollute the environment and produce a large amount of waste. Therefore, the metal wall panel of the machine room has the characteristics of saving resources and has a small impact on the work and life of users. To meet the requirements of building interior decoration and interior partition decoration materials of a good state of the art level.
  1. The metal wall panel of the machine room is cut by the factory and installed on site to avoid damage to the environment and play a convenient and quick role in the maintenance and protection of water and electricity lines, air conditioning pipelines, power sockets, telephone wiring and other aspects; . The high resistance value of the steel plate surface allows the charge decay time to be below standard time, providing the user with a reliable use barrier.
  2. Standardization and professional construction of plate; The construction period is short and the efficiency is high. In the construction, the dry construction method of single working procedure, factory cutting and site assembly is realized
  3. The metal wall panel of the machine room adopts the production and processing method of combining the heat-soluble galvanized steel plate with the brand gypsum board with yanghua resistance, which makes the fire resistance of the color steel plate stronger and the combustion resistance of the color steel plate of the machine room reaches A1 level, thus avoiding the occurrence of fire events and ensuring the use of users.
  4. The dustproof function of the metal wall panel in the machine room is obvious to users in use, which can control the air cleanliness and is easy to maintain. Sound insulation ability, metal steel sandwich color steel plate sound insulation rate is small, sound insulation effect is obvious; Product seismic pressure, machine room color steel plate impact resistance value in line with the standard.

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