Machine room color steel plate four characteristics to understand

  Room choi steel has the characteristics of beautiful, clean, comfortable, choi steel and quality guaranteed room scene completion can move office, do not pollute the environment, do not produce a large amount of waste, so room choi steel has the characteristics of resource conservation, small impact the user’s work and life, can reach the advanced level of the building decoration decoration materials requirements and internal partition.
  01, fire resistance is stronger room color steel plate with kangyanghua performance of hot melt galvanized steel plate and brand gypsum board combined with the production and processing method, so that the fire resistance of color steel plate becomes stronger, room color steel plate combustion resistance reached A1 level, so as to better avoid the occurrence of fire events, to ensure the use of users.
  02, dustproof room color steel plate dustproof function is obvious to users in use, can better control the air cleanliness, easy maintenance. Sound insulation ability, metal steel sandwich color steel plate sound insulation rate is small, sound insulation effect is obvious; Product seismic pressure, machine room color steel plate impact resistance value in line with the standard.
  03, reliable room color steel plate is factory cutting, site installation, avoid damage to the environment, maintenance and protection of water and electricity lines, air conditioning pipelines, power sockets, telephone wiring and other aspects played a convenient and fast; . The fangjingdian performance of the color steel plate in the machine room is very strong. The resistance value of the surface of the steel plate is high, which makes the charge attenuation time below the standard time, ensuring the FangJingdian performance and providing the user anquan with a reliable use barrier.
  04, the construction period is short and the efficiency is high. Short construction period, high efficiency; In the construction, the dry construction method of single working procedure, factory cutting and site assembly has been realized. Computer room color steel plate with its good functional characteristics and beautiful visual effect, has been praised by the industry, has been widely used in computer room engineering and all kinds of high requirements of the plant throughout China, has made its own contribution to the quality of computer room construction in China.

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