Is there a difference between color steel sandwich plate and color steel composite plate?

  Color steel plate color steel sandwich panel is composed of two layers of metal panel (or other material panel) and directly in the middle of the panel foaming, curing molding polymer heat insulation inner core.
  It has the characteristics of easy installation and light weight. The forming of the outer steel plate takes full account of the structure and strength requirements, and gives consideration to the appearance. The inner surface layer is formed as a flat plate to meet various needs. Metal panels are easy to be machined and can be made into various shapes. However, in some cases, non-metallic panels have more functions than metal panels, such as corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
  1. Color steel rock wool board double-sided color steel, rock wool core material in the middle, can do partition, can also do active board board. Conventional widths are 950mm and 1150mm
  2. Color steel rock wool tile board this is a color steel tile with heat insulation and thermal insulation effect, color steel on both sides, the middle rock wool core material, the difference is that its surface has a peak, we commonly known as “corrugated”, so color steel rock wool tile also known as (house corrugated tile). Conventional width 840mm,950mm.
  3. Casteel rock wool kiln board this is a kind of high temperature resistance, but also has the effect of heat preservation of the kiln board, the density of this rock wool is relatively large, generally more than 80K, is the choice of car paint room, drying machine and baking room.
  4. Color steel rock wool muffling board this is a kind of sandwich board with high production process requirements. Its color steel plate can be fully punched or half punched, and the sound insulation effect is very good.

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