How to choose steel composite wallboard is better?

  Decorative painted steel plate is now more and more widely used, such as: Service center of rail transit walkway, bank hall, the hall, tax halls, office buildings, office interior decoration, the hospital lobby and corridor halls and other public infrastructure part, communication system, because the relative to the traditional wall materials, steel composite wallboard has better fire protection, durable and green environmental protection, durable new, convenient installation and maintenance.
  A, the characteristics of steel wall panel:
  1, in case of damaged wall panels can be replaced separately, does not affect the use of the overall wall.
  2, wallboard for factory production, on-site fast assembly, construction period end, reduce installation cost;
  3, using light steel keel or square keel as the skeleton;
  4, easy to disassemble, convenient for pipeline maintenance and wall reconstruction needs, can be reused;
  5, green environmental protection, can be immediately put into use after installation, without any peculiar smell;
  Ii. How to choose the product structure?
  1, surface steel plate material: T0.5 ~1.0mm hot melt galvanized steel plate, with good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance;
  2, the surface process effect can be selected: high voltage electrostatic powder paint, wood grain/leather grain/stone grain PVC film, pre-paint color steel plate;
  3, the surface coating performance can be selected: standard series, antibacterial series, antistatic series;
  4, installation mode optional: 12mm embedded layering style, close hanging board style;
  5, the backing material can be selected: gypsum board, corrugated board, gypsum board special moisture-proof anti-electromagnetic interference aluminum foil film;
  6, skirting line optional: hot melt galvanized steel plate baking paint, stainless steel material, height of 100mm;
  7, surface coating pencil hardness: H≥2 (standard: Q/320115GML02-2007);
  8, fire rating: National GRADE A;
  9, adhesion: 100/100;

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