Introduction to the Technical Essentials of Hospital Assembly

Technical points of hospital assembly – in – assembly

Interface space is a space directly combined with architectural components. Through the overall design of the interface space, the integrated interface space filled in can provide a base for the installation and integration of subsequent parts and pipeline equipment. Interface space is divided into three parts: wall space, top surface space and ground space.

Wall space includes partition system, wall veneer system. Partition system uses light steel keel internal partition, the application of assembly technology to quickly separate the interior space, without involving the premise of load-bearing structure, fast construction, delivery, use, for wall finishes to establish support carrier. The wall veneer system dry quick installation wall is in the flat wall, light steel keel partition wall or uneven structure wall and other wall base, the use of dry field combination installation of integrated wall, according to the use of space requirements of the integrated veneer wall panel for different composite treatment, express a variety of texture and texture.

Technical points of hospital assembly – in – assembly

The ground space generally adopts dry method to install the ground quickly, which is composed of dry floor heating + ground finishing materials. For medical care units, the components that can be used are: dry floor heating + flexible decorative materials (PVC floor, linseed oil floor, floor film, etc.). Indoor heating system priority dry construction method of low-temperature hot water ground radiation heating system, its installation construction can be carried out after the completion of civil construction, do not need to be buried in the concrete base. Compared with radiator heating, its comfort level is higher, solves the traditional wet floor heating system products and construction technology existing problems such as large floor load, complex construction process, pipeline damage can not be replaced, has the advantages of short construction period, small floor load, easy maintenance and transformation.

The top surface space generally adopts integrated ceiling system, and the ceiling decoration system generally adopts calcium silicate board, gypsum board and aluminum buckle plate ceiling system. The top surface space is the most important wiring space in the interface space system. The top surface space system is combined with the parts system, electrical system, lighting system, ventilation system and air conditioning system installed on the top surface or connected with the top surface. The pipeline positioning of each system should be properly handled to avoid collision and interference.

The pipeline equipment in the space installed in the medical care unit includes water heating pipe, electric pipe and water supply and drainage pipe, etc., which is set in the ceiling, parts or light partition wall, fully realizing the pipeline separation, abandoning the traditional groove cutting mode, freeing the pipeline equipment from the structure, and realizing the separation of the main structure and the equipment pipeline. The use of access port and detachable decorative board can realize visual maintenance, facilitate the maintenance and replacement of parts in the later stage, and reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance in the later stage, which is conducive to the maintenance and sustainable development of the whole life cycle.

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