Wood finish features

  1, aldehyde free environmental formaldehyde, who listed as a carcinogen, but hidden in all kinds of building materials, YI product is committed to reducing the formaldehyde content of products for a long time, research and development of polymer deconstruction technology, the whole commodity using environmental protection coating, in line with national standards, for your health more a guarantee!
  2, away from toxic traditional paint quality uneven contains toluene, xylene, titanium dioxide and lead and other nerve toxic ingredients, during the construction will cause painters, carpenters and supervisors a lot of inhalation in the body; After the owners moved in, the toxic gas residue, but also long-term harm to the owners. Health hazards include: lead poisoning, system disorders, carcinogenesis and other clinical symptoms. And we use special paint, in line with national environmental standards, to protect the health of homeowners.
  3, flame prevention general paint coating does not have fire prevention function, and even combustion characteristics, and YI product wood veneer use special coating, with flame prevention characteristics.
  The veneer of wood veneer surface layer is too thin to produce holes, floor penetration, uneven color, no three-dimensional sense, and we use the average thickness of veneer reaches more than 60 wire to apply the coating technology and steel brush process, making the wood veneer more natural texture, texture level more three-dimensional.
  5, shorten the construction period the site only need to do corner line paint, can shorten the construction period. Avoid painting and sanding process on site, avoid pollution on site, so more artisans and homeowners like.
  6, strong and durable use of water seepage type water coating, so that the coating and wood leather combination, paint surface can protect wood, relative to the scene spray paint is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid and alkaline resistance and relatively not easy to be wet, the service life than the traditional method increased by more than twice. Easy to maintain, can be wiped with alcohol or solvent when cleaning (overuse will change gloss)
  7, to prevent some defects before the scene of the disputed veneer spray painting is unable to see, including veneer and plywood fitting problems, color penetration and glue overflow, color is not correct, color is not uniform, often cause a lot of trouble. And the use of yi product wood veneer can see the finished product in advance, can avoid unnecessary disputes!

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