What is the production process of aluminum veneer?

  Aluminum veneer is concerned by more and more customers because of its light weight, good rigidity, high strength, durability and corrosion resistance. But have you ever thought about the process of aluminum veneer material so good, so how is aluminum veneer produced and what is its production process? Let’s listen to the sharing of junba building materials.
  What is the production process of aluminum veneer?
  One. Order materials
  According to the requirements of engineering design drawings, the appropriate aluminum veneer material should be selected, and ensure that the surface of the plate is smooth, without sag and delamination.
  Two. Line cut corners
  According to the opening position and shape of the opening Angle in the production and processing drawing, adjust the mold and positioning, cut the Angle on the punch, the Angle should be appropriate, the corner plate rubbing the folding line part, the line and the bending line are aligned. Arc Angle and non-90 ° Angle, when cutting the Angle to draw a needle line.
  Three. Punching hole
  Set the position on the mold according to the starting and ending position of the corner code, and then punch the hole on the punch press. Angle code spacing shall be processed according to the Angle code length required by the drawing.
  4. Bending
  According to the size of the bending edge on the computer for positioning, and then in the bending machine to determine the bending sequence for bending.
  5. Roll arc
  At both ends of the first sawing, rolling arc, according to the requirements in the drawing, no deviation, the size of each section should be consistent.
  Argon arc welding
  According to the requirements of the drawings to choose different welding wire, welding nozzle diameter, etc., according to the size of the drawings for the shape sample correction of welding parts, and then formal welding
  Burnish of seven.
  Before grinding, carefully check the place that needs to be polished and select the appropriate grinding workpiece. Polishing requires smooth and consistent rounded corners, curved edges without marks without teeth.

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