How to choose appropriate office furniture reasonably?

Along with the development of the company level is higher and higher, many companies began to pay attention to employee’s work himself comfort, improves comfort, after all, can improve the staff’s working efficiency, it is of great benefit to the company, but many companies when buying furniture easily into the erroneous zone, many bosses at the time of purchase furniture or covet is cheap, the furniture of purchasing a lot of low price, It is wrong to pay too much attention to the appearance and fashion sense of furniture and buy it back but it is not practical at all. Then how should the reasonable purchase of their own office furniture? Today office furniture manufacturers of furniture with you specific talk

I. Purchase on demand:

Office furniture is not consumable, in the purchase should adhere to the principle of “rather lacking or superfluous”. Cannot fill the office very full, want the demand that goes up according to use to add buy, and the area that office furniture puts is built the 50% that should not exceed indoor area commonly is better. Styles, styles and colors should be common and well matched, with variations in detail.

Two, area size:

Before we buy office furniture, we should measure the scale and area size of our office, and then according to the company’s civilization, operation methods and business needs, think about the interior layout, feng shui pattern, etc. The size of the furniture is consistent with the area and height of the office to prevent office furniture from failing to meet the needs after construction.

Three, if the pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its water content can not exceed 12%, it is recommended to buy mortise structure rather than nail gun. Office furniture must be square, diagonal lines are necessary together, the ground should be smooth, hardware components should be strong, and doors and drawers should be open and flexible. The appearance of leather office furniture is necessary to level off, no bubbles, no cracking, jointing and so on.

No matter how beautifully decorated and luxurious an office may be, the novelty and beauty will diminish as time goes by. Therefore, the furniture in the office can not be placed too full, to adjust the location of the furniture to leave room, it is recommended to choose office furniture that can be adjusted to facilitate the adjustment of the space in the future.

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