Notes on customized furniture (2)

The above also introduces some of the matters needing attention about customized furniture. Today, furniture customization manufacturer Guojingfurniture continues to talk to you about the rest of the content.

Firmly eliminate the use of low supplies

The making style that decided furniture and type, still should basis budget and the living habit of domestic member, decide what is the furniture that the life is necessary, a few do not use go up or the custom furniture with very low utilization rate, can save money to come down completely to buy more practical household things.

Two, pay attention to the length of customized furniture

Different from non-standard customized products, for pure customized products, consumers need to clarify their special needs for product functions, shapes, patterns, colors and materials. If consumers have a certain idea of home, the process of customization of furniture is simpler, designers can directly solve the needs of consumers, save communication time, and accurately make product solutions suitable for consumer needs.

Even if consumers do not put forward ideas, customized products also have some “congenital” advantages, for example, customized furniture will be based on the height of the home to set the most appropriate product height, for the elderly, children or people with mobility difficulties, can also be targeted “appropriate medicine”.

Third, do not blindly customize

When entering the store, we should first refer to consumers who have ideas for customized products. Blind customization is not advisable. General furnisher has been provided in the standard products of different size, material and color choice range in size, on the basis of understanding home consumers can choose standard products, such products intuitive visual patterns, finished product purchase time is relatively short, can avoid non-standard products produced after and original style has a difference as well as the problems for a longer time, Affect the satisfaction of the final purchase.

If standard products do not meet the requirements, consumers can choose non-standard or purely customized products. The consumption process of non-standard products is relatively routine. The size can be provided through professional measurement, and the price of customized products can be determined. It is recommended to go to the store first for simple communication about optional styles, and make intuitive feelings or design reference for optional colors and materials. After entering the store, the business will basically arrange designers or staff to measure and discuss the final effect of customized products.

It needs to be emphasized that before signing a contract for consumption, general enterprises will provide measurement and design, but industry insiders remind that consumers need to determine with businesses before choosing measurement, if the final purchase is not formed, whether the measurement and design charge a certain fee. The above is all the contents of customized furniture, I hope to help you.

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