How is the disposal room cleaned

The disposal room should be regularly organized, regularly cleaned, regularly standardized and self-disciplined

1. Medical waste, household waste and chemotherapy waste shall be strictly separated and labeled accordingly. If more than 2/3 of them are replaced by cleaners.

2. Place the contaminated sterile bags and scissors in a fixed position, and check and replace them by the treatment team every day.

3. The pre-treatment immersion bucket is clearly marked and all kinds of items are soaked in accordance with the requirements. The immersion solution is changed by the treatment team every day, and the items are removed in time.

4. If more than 2/3 needles are found in sharp tool boxes in each shift, the needles should be replaced, and the empty sharp tool boxes should be counted in the treatment shift every day and applied for in time.

5. Clean the ground, wet drag by cleaners 2 times a day, find stains in time to clean.

6. Keep the disposal table clean and tidy

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