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In a variety of filing cabinets, steel filing cabinets are very popular, because it has its own advantages, Luoyang Flais website xiaobian sorted out the characteristics and advantages of steel filing cabinets and maintenance methods in the use of the process, to share with you.

A, the characteristics and advantages of steel filing cabinet:

1, to open the door, take more convenient.

2. Save files for you.

3. Plan a complete storage system.

4. Categorize documents.

5. Standard size is more ready for future expansion.

6, steel file cabinet storage system design is reasonable.

7, exquisite selection of materials, exquisite technology, perfect function.

8, welding part adopts high standard welding, smooth surface.

9, steel filing cabinet surface electrostatic powder spray, environmental protection and non-toxic.

10, unique grey blue drawer edge design, both handle function, beautiful and durable.

Two, the maintenance of steel filing cabinet common sense:

1, steel filing cabinet to avoid direct collision and sharp scratching.

2, steel filing cabinet to avoid long time placed in the damp and water environment.

3, office furniture daily care with a clean wet towel gently wipe can remove all kinds of stains.

4, in order to prevent the oxidation of plastic powder steel file cabinet please avoid direct sunlight, avoid overload use.

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