Medical Furniture Customization manufacturer: characteristics of elderly furniture

Shandong guozhijing Medical Furniture Customization factory introduces the characteristics of pension furniture. According to the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly, in order to make the elderly spend their old age safely, we need to adopt a smooth shape without sharp corners. Considering the needs of grasping and climbing when the elderly move, we should design as many grasping mouths as possible. Let’s take a look at it!

Introduction to the characteristics of furniture for the aged

Materials should meet the national environmental protection requirements, using solid wood or E1 grade environmental protection board; All kinds of cloth should have good wear resistance, waterproof and washing function; Cushion sponge soft hardness moderate, not too soft material; The sofa frame is made of high-quality solid wood, and the armrest is polished to round corners to avoid scratches; The mattress has moderate hardness, good air permeability, and can be waterproof and antifouling.

Most of the old people “keep their feet and legs moving.” First of all, we should consider these characteristics of the elderly, make furniture their helper, and help them complete some basic living activities independently. In addition to the design points of helping the elderly stand up, the furniture should also be considered to support the elderly independently; The height of the seat surface of the seat should also be seriously considered, because the low seat surface is not conducive to the elderly sitting or standing up, which is prone to the imbalance of the center of gravity, leading to danger, and it is easy to sprain the waist.

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The above is the content about the characteristics of pension furniture introduced by guozhijing Medical Furniture Customization manufacturer. I hope it can help you!

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