Specification standard of cupboard in hospital treatment room

Today, guozhijing medical furniture manufacturer introduces the specifications and standards of the cupboard in the treatment room of the hospital. The glass door plate of the cupboard in the treatment room adopts the inner and outer double-layer door plate, and the glass door frame adopts the four corner 2cm arc angle. Let’s take a look at it!

Specification standard of cupboard in hospital treatment room

The hanging cabinet of the treatment room in the hospital produced by guozhijing can be designed according to the customer’s requirements and divided according to the actual situation inside the hospital.

It can be customized according to the theme color required by customers, and can be matched with two or more colors

Cabinet options: gray, dark gray, carbon gray, carbon black, silver, Japanese rice, rolled door rice, sand gray, dark blue, rice white, grass green, royal blue, light blue, purple red, orange red.
hospital treatment room
Cabinet double color: according to the color matching of space and the preference of customers, you can customize the color or choose multiple colors.

Shandong guozhijing Furniture Co., Ltd

In the design, Shandong guozhijing fully excavates the space utilization rate of the cabinet, so that it can put more drugs, and improve the storage rate and utilization rate of drugs. In addition, the medical hanging cabinet has different separation functions to prevent cross infection of drugs and other items and maintain a safe and clean environment. The hidden light trough can be customized in the medical hanging cabinet. The light is white, bright and mild, which helps to take care of human eyes. The hidden light trough design of the hanging cabinet embodies the concept of environmental protection.

The above is the national scene of medical furniture manufacturers to introduce to you about the hospital treatment room hanging cabinet specification standard content, hope to be able to help you!

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