Qualified hospital furniture should meet these points!

Besides setting off the environment, the most important function of medical furniture is to use. The design of medical furniture can not be separated from the essence of design: to solve the basic needs of people.

Green hospital furniture will also play the role of isolation and guidance in the environment, standardizing people’s medical behavior. For example, after the patients enter the hospital, the regional medical furniture can easily distinguish the place from the color and style; The relationship of furniture placement and enclosure can guide and simplify the treatment process; Ergonomically designed medical furniture can better protect patients from secondary injury; All of these are closely related to the green symbiotic design of hospital furniture design color and human body interaction.

What qualities must a compliant hospital furniture possess?

Green environmental protection

First of all, hospital furniture needs environmental protection, which is also the primary standard for choosing hospital furniture.

hospital furniture

In fact, green furniture includes many aspects, such as the materials used to save energy, low consumption, low pollution, easy to recycle and reuse. Limade hospital furniture manufacturers said that the hospital purchases more steel furniture, and steel wood and engineering plastic materials are more environmentally friendly than wood furniture.

green furniture


Hospital furniture should meet the needs of function and be designed according to function. For example, the dental chair required by stomatological hospital is different from other chairs, the chair design should have certain lighting, and the headrest part should realize multi angle adjustment.

Hospital furniture


Hospital furniture must also meet the requirements of humanization. The first step of humanization is to carry out ergonomics. The design should be humanized and convenient for patients to use, such as changing corners into rounded corners, designing handrails to make it convenient for patients to stand up, etc. at the same time, the color should be more lively and safe. The furniture design of the hospital must be stable, solid and unshakable.

requirements of humanization

The humanization of hospital furniture must meet the needs of doctors and patients. For example, the side platform design of the nurse station should be based on the average height of Chinese women. Ergonomic design should also be considered in the design of visiting doctor’s seat. The sitting height can be adjusted up and down, the sitting surface can be adjusted back and forth, and the material of seat back and sitting surface should have good air permeability. In fact, the humanized demand of hospital furniture also includes the humanization of color.

hospital furniture


Hospital furniture must be structurally firm, ergonomic, simple and elegant in shape, and fresh in color. Our hospital furniture manufacturer limade has the highest requirements on the safety of furniture, most of the project acceptance must get the environmental protection and safety test report given by the authoritative official organization.

Shandong national scenery, safety and green medical furniture

Shandong guozhijing medical furniture focuses on the innovation needs of future hospital’s sense and control. It has independently developed anti-virus core patent technology to effectively enhance the sense and control defense capability of the hospital. At the same time, it provides the hospital with the overall solution of live, customized and modular medical furniture, focusing on intelligent, green and safe medical furniture. Especially in the aspects of space layout and aesthetic design, we constantly pursue the development concept of humanization, intelligence, safety and green, pay attention to product quality control in the whole process, and strive to improve and optimize the hospital environment and improve the physical and mental pleasure of doctors and patients.
 green medical furniture

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