Hospital furniture design, pediatric and children’s ward furniture

Hospital furniture design, pediatric and children’s ward furniture – hospital furniture ward

When it comes to the place of hospital, people are always not happy about it. The cold atmosphere of the white building and the strong smell of medicine are really frightening, even adults are afraid, let alone children.

According to the survey, most children feel that going to the hospital is a terrible and stressful thing, and fear and pressure are harmful to the condition; With the progress of domestic medical level, the corresponding configuration needs of medical environment are more and more exquisite, share how to design a warm and comfortable modern children’s medical space. Children’s emotions are closely related to colors. Studies have found that children tend to capture brighter and brighter colors, and also prefer saturated colors. Therefore, the characteristics of children’s color cognition should be taken into account in the design of children’s medical environment. Rich color does not represent the abuse of bright color, should focus on the feeling of special care for the patient, reduce the patient’s anxiety, and should be creative. In the choice of color to pay attention to the following 3 points:

1. The setting of the main tone can choose the light tone with low purity, which can be coordinated with the overall tone of the hospital.

2 in the main tone determination can choose on the basis of rich color and saturation of color collocation, the colour of this were quickly children’s perception, to shift the attention of children, can also be appropriate to increase the use of warm color to move, to create a home general warmth and security, ease the tension and fear of children, also have certain emotional adjustment function to accompany person.

3. It can increase the contrast in the environment and add interesting patterns to make the space more vibrant, energetic and rhythmic. Through the interesting composition of the wall, the whole space becomes active and loving, which is easier to divert children’s attention and relieve fear. By contrast color to increase the vitality of the space, and to provide the saturation of contrast color, reduce the lightness of other colors to focus on creating a lively atmosphere of the space, adopt soft materials to match the use of contrast color, so that children are more willing to approach, make them happy.

Focus on hospital furniture design, pediatric and children’s ward furniture design introduction

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