Hospital Furniture | Medical Furniture

  In recent years, following the attention and support of relevant national policies to the medical industry, the importance of the medical industry has been constantly increased, and the scale of hospital diagnosis and treatment construction is gradually expanding. With the continuous improvement of the requirements for the use of hospital furniture, the management of the use of hospital furniture is also changing
  What is hospital furniture management?
  It refers to a series of work including the use, finalization, transportation and installation, installation acceptance, allocation and distribution, regular maintenance, inventory and scrapping of hospital furniture. In order to better assist medical staff, the use of medical equipment can also better meet and help medical patients.
  Improvement of medical furniture management
  Part of medical furniture is gradually replaced by steel furniture, because in the special use environment, steel products from the antibacterial, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, steel products are more in line with the requirements of the hospital, but also convenient for hospital cleaning.
  Some medical institutions pay little attention to or are not clear about the daily management of medical furniture, and do not provide timely support for the development of hospital diagnosis and treatment, fail to replace and meet the needs of doctors and patients, and indirectly form a waste of resources.
  The management and maintenance of hospital furniture plays a great role in connecting the previous and the next to the medical development. Good maintenance means and methods of medical furniture, namely extending the service life of existing furniture, can also reduce the purchase of new furniture, reduce the burden of operating costs, and avoid the workload of medical staff, and support the normal operation of front-line.

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