How to avoid discoloration and scratching at the hospital nurse station?

  Hospital furniture are used on colour of use bright color, because the special hospital environment, itself is a bit heavy pressure, so the hospital nurse station using color make on the vision in patients with moderate mood, such as some will use pink department of obstetrics and gynecology, in-patient department can use shallow color, or light green series, but these color a little scratched it is easy to see that Especially a hospital nurse station, so how can you avoid it? Let’s discuss it together.
  Cause of discoloration
  Home page is probably itself product material not pass, after a long time of oxidation occurred, and put the position, if long time have sunshine refraction will make the surface of the nurse station began to become yellow, directly affects the hospital nurse station beautiful sex, and the emergence of this phenomenon can be avoided, we need to wax on time, if there are already yellowing phenomenon, Tea leaves can be wrapped with gauze to wipe the surface, and then waxing the surface after yellow removal.
  Blow to spend a lot of people, mainly depends on the desktop is placed, to avoid place objects will be scratched desktop, cutting, as well as in the desktop must an object in the desktop mat, and when cleaning, it’s easy to knock against to the corner of the nurse station, it is not only scratched the surface, it is easy to make water into to the nurse station, and makes the internal structure is damaged, Thus affecting the service life of the hospital nurse station.

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