Hospital Furniture | Hospital Furniture Transportation

  Many hospital furniture are customized products and use a wide range of space, so there are many kinds of hospital furniture, so we need to be careful in packaging and transportation.
  Stonework hospital furniture transportation
  Such as nurses’ stations, toll stations, these also belong to fragile products, so in transportation, qualified packaging, is the most effective protection method, because the outer packaging has anti-stamping, compressive strength, etc., the outer packaging materials are commonly used is walleng carton. Three layers of tile leng cardboard can meet the protection function. There will be a wooden frame on the outside for extra protection.
  To the stone face furniture with big volume and weight, appropriate uses honeycomb cardboard box. Honeycomb cardboard is light in weight, resistant to compression and bending, and can play the role of buffer and shock isolation. The internal packaging can use lining board, foam plastic, honeycomb cardboard, pulp model materials. Lining board is the most popular form of inner packaging in the market, which is formed by the intercrossing of tile board. Foam plastic can be preformed according to the shape of the product, light and good performance, a wide range of application.
  Wooden hospital furniture transportation
  Like plastic board type furniture, applicable range, also can remove the ease of installation, transportation is convenient, handle with care, should pay attention to when carrying more plastic board type furniture is not solid wood anti gravity, such as a few boards packing together, should put among isolation layer, prevent chafing scratched, both sides should also add bubble bag, containing glass furniture must stand, also need to play on the wooden frame, When storing, pay attention to moistureproof, sun protection and fire prevention.
  Steel hospital furniture transportation
  Steel hospital furniture such as waiting chair, filing cabinets, lockers, sink, shelves, etc., dosage of steel kind of furniture is the most hospital, many of them are steel sheet molding compound and into, and its ability to prevent rust is not so strong, stainless steel if accidentally scraped his feet, in the transportation, it is easy to extend from Angle seam makes the whole piece of board rust, so try to avoid knock against, light with light, Reserve a certain distance from the wall when placing. Place or store in a dry place to prevent moisture.

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