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  First, the historical development relationship between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture
  In the slave class society period, furniture has been commonly used, mainly family-style, taverns and teahouses are to buy family-style furniture for use, the style is relatively simple, the process requires fine carving, artisans’ skills are very high.
  With the acceleration of the pace of The Times, the continuous progress of science and technology, the quality of people’s life continues to improve, and then all kinds of demands are constantly improving. Furniture style, furniture color and so on developed great changes. Furniture according to the functional division can be divided into home furniture, hotel furniture, school furniture, public furniture, lab furniture, hospital furniture six factions (series), household furniture family furniture series, hotel furniture is specialized hotel furniture series, school furniture is specialized in school furniture series, the hospital furniture is given priority in the hospital furniture series, And so on.
  Medical bed
  Start hospital furniture is a kind of public places furniture, later is subdivided, mainly nearly all aspects of medical system since 1980 s accelerates the development of management and technology, in the aspect of furniture making, required furniture, clearly different from the ordinary requires special suitable for hospital furniture, pace to keep up with The Times demand, used in hospitals, promote the development of the hospital. As a result, the requirements for medical furniture are higher and higher, making it different from ordinary furniture and paying more attention to practical furniture.
  Two, hospital furniture and ordinary furniture difference
  1. Differences between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture
  Common furniture: the decoration that basically notices individual and domestic numerology is relevant, the azimuth that notices furniture decoration, cooperate decoration next.
  Hospital furniture: it is mainly designed and arranged according to the functions and medical procedures of different departments to improve work efficiency and prevent infection.
  2. Design differences between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture
  Common furniture: basically give priority to with pluralistic colour, trendy, flexibility.
  Hospital furniture: in addition to the above features, its design concept is more diversified, mainly to fully meet the special effects of different departments for the purpose of design.
  3. Material difference between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture
  The material of hospital furniture is more environmentally friendly than ordinary furniture, and on this basis, it should be resistant to chemical reaction, to ensure anti-corrosion, moisture, fire and mildew, the most important point is to have anti-infection effect.
  4. The style difference between hospital furniture and ordinary furniture
  Ordinary furniture is mainly to match the interior decoration style, hospital furniture is mainly to match the hospital’s overall architecture, indoor space environment and other multi-directional and multi-angle architectural design style integration.

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