Mounting and Support Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Aluminium is a silvery white reactive metal which is usually covered by a tenacious oxide coating. This renders it inert to acids, but it is attacked by alkalies. It is the most common metallic element in the earth’s crust (82000 ppm) and is extracted from the hydrated oxide, Bauxite, by electrolysis of the oxide dissolved in molten sodium hexafluoroaluminate (cryolite). The metal has good thermal properties and is malleable and ductile. Aluminium and its alloys are widely used for various applications including aircraft assemblies and engine parts.

As the name implies, honeycomb materials resemble the structure of beehives. This unique material is an excellent solution for various aerospace applications.

Mounting and Support Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Although honeycomb production requires multiple steps — a combination of expansion, corrugation, and molding — the process is quite simple and straightforward. Also, because less metal is needed to produce honeycomb than solid products, the process is relatively inexpensive.

Our aluminum panels are made from aluminum honeycomb core expanded into a hexagonal structure sandwiched by the aluminum facings which are then bonded together by a layer of adhesive. Sandwich panel sutilizing aluminum honeycomb cores result in lightweight, high strength structures that are very rigid. Aluminum honeycomb panels have the best strength to weight ratio of any construction available.

International leader in production and supply of lightweight, honeycomb and composite panels used in many sectors: shipyards and yachts, building, railway wagons, stone support, interiors, coatings, lighting technology, refrigeration.

Aluminum honeycomb panel is mainly made of the composite honeycomb structure and also made of high-quality alloy materials, and aluminum honeycomb panel can show people rich roof performance effect, so it has excellent design freedom. Secondly, in the construction process, the aluminum honeycomb panel is not only simple and convenient but also has excellent comprehensive performance and significant heat preservation effect. It is a new type of material currently used, with excellent performance, attracting more people’s attention, and is a green, environmental protection, and energy-saving plate.

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