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  The waiting area is an area that can reflect the small universe of the designer of the medical furniture factory.
  1. This is probably the time that users are worried about because they have to spend a long time in the waiting area when they are in line.
  2. Unlike other departments, the focus of waiting areas is not on function. Visual aesthetics can play a key role.
  In view of this, when making the overall design scheme, we flexibly integrate the combination of point, line and surface to create a sense of modern art aesthetic style.
  Fancy shapes and complex layouts not only fail to create a rational visual experience, but are also impractical. Accordingly, when stylist is designing furniture such as chair, sofa, often can choose simple horizontal and horizontal lines, form the geometric plane of different width, undertake joining together.
  Minimalism has become the mainstream of medical furniture design style, which not only conforms to the practicality of medical furniture, but also has aesthetic value. At the same time, simple and clear lines and fresh and clean layout can bring patients a stronger sense of comfort, so that the user experience is more colorful.
  Expressive force of soft design of medical furniture
  In addition to medical furniture design, soft fittings are also favored by furniture designers because they can add more color to an overall style. The hanging paintings, soft screen, screen and soft sofa all have a strong modernist abstract color, which is simple without losing the sense of layering, and the artistic conception spills over the frame.
  Nowadays, quality consumption is becoming more and more important in life. The impression of hospitals to users is not only limited to their professional standards and service quality, but also increasingly extends their attention to the overall environmental design and aesthetic taste of hospitals.
  Therefore, in order to improve the competitiveness of products in the market, better meet the growing consumer demand, and keep consistent with consumers’ pursuit of quality, the design concept of medical furniture factory should break the traditional framework.

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