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Green hospital furniture is the finishing touch in the construction of modern medical furniture. Whether it is the appearance of the building or the indoor scene, the setting function of furniture is incomparable to other decorative materials. The design concept of green hospital furniture is to take safety and rationality as the starting point of design, to implement personalized and lively design, to establish the safety guarantee of green hospital furniture, and to provide green medical furniture service for patients.

Hospital furniture

The basic principles of green furniture design hospital should be green environmental protection principles, the principle of people-oriented principle, the comfort of portrait involves the user research, choice of materials screening, the human body engineering design, inclusive design, design of synergy, the respect such as service concept design, hospital furniture brand design strategy for detail design, then according to every detail, Including surface treatment, human touch, overall perspective for in-depth research.

Hospital furniture designed in strict accordance with ergonomics should not only consider the physiological conditions of the human body under static conditions, but also pay attention to the dynamic force of human cases under physiological conditions, so as to avoid adverse effects and injuries in normal use and occasional human errors.

Hospital furniture

In addition, the design of hospital furniture should follow the principle of green environmental protection, requiring not only the medical furniture itself does not pollute the medical environment, but also needs to coordinate with the environment, emphasizing that the furniture conforms to human physiology and psychology, and integrates through the principle of people-oriented. Various technical means and artistic skills reflect the humanistic value of hospital furniture in shape, material, color and other aspects, and design humanized green hospital furniture.

Contemporary green hospital furniture design is still based on the maximum play of functional connotation as the standard. Hospital furniture not only refers to the use function of furniture design, but also includes aesthetic function and cultural function. The modeling characteristics, visual feeling and cultural atmosphere of green hospital furniture are undoubtedly the main factors, while the function of hospital furniture is an important factor to form the spatial environment of green hospital. It is meaningless to talk about aesthetic feeling without the function of hospital furniture.

Green is the primary standard of hospital furniture procurement. Hospital furniture manufacturers said that the hospital requires the use of all board furniture must reach the prescribed indicators of environmental protection, in use, can not release its formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The definition of green furniture includes four aspects, such as energy saving and environmental protection materials, low consumption, low pollution, easy to recycle and reuse.

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