hospital furniture | Electrostatic spraying process

Electrostatic spraying in hospital furniture is to replace liquid solvent based coating with solid powder coating, by high voltage to make the powder coating with negative charge, with the help of electrostatic gravity adsorption on the ground of the coated workpiece surface, heating melting (or curing) and get the coating method, let’s look at it together!

Electrostatic spraying process introduction:

Electrostatic spray is a new process, the powder coating does not contain solvent and disperse medium and other liquid components, do not need to dilute and adjust the viscosity when used, itself can not flow, after melting to flow, can not stick to the surface of the workpiece like liquid coating. Therefore, electrostatic spray used in the medical furniture industry has the advantages of high coating efficiency, excellent coating performance, no solvent volatilization, little environmental pollution, energy consumption, simple process, short production cycle, low coating cost, easy to achieve coating automation and so on.

Electrostatic spraying of powder coating is called spraying. Its principle: is the use of corona discharge phenomenon powder coating adsorption on the workpiece. The process is: Powder for powder by system by gas into the compressed air spray gun, the gun front with high voltage electrostatic generator of high pressure, due to the corona discharge, near its intensive charge, powder by the gun nozzle jet, the formation of coating of charged particles, it is the role of the electrostatic force, sucked into its polar opposite workpiece, with the increase in the number of powder spray, is, the more charge accumulation, When reaching a certain thickness, due to the electrostatic repulsion, it does not continue to adsorb, so that the whole workpiece to obtain a certain thickness of the powder coating, and then after high temperature to make the powder melting, leveling, curing, that is, on the surface of the workpiece to form a hard film.

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