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  In order to provide a more suitable environment for patients and their families, many hospitals now pay much attention to humanized design for medical furniture customization. Today, the National Landscape medical furniture xiaobian will briefly talk about the importance of humanized design for hospital furniture customization.
  To tell the truth, the function of hospital facilities and hospital furniture is the main content of tertiary medical process design. If the designer’s design or the recommended supplier does not do detailed research and analysis on the needs of users, it is a disaster! Because the function of the finished product will be particularly detrimental to the use of users in the actual work, and then affect the work efficiency and patient comfort, which is what we often say “lack of humanization”. Therefore, in the hospital, the place that needs care and humanization most, after all, most of the time, it is a person to see a doctor, but the design of hospital furniture is like this! I am afraid the patient will feel more lonely afflictive! Xiaobian even think about, also feel very poor! I’m afraid I won’t go there again!
  Therefore, a kind of hospital furniture with human touch is the hospital furniture that our hospital needs to purchase, and it is also an important factor for the customization of hospital furniture.
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