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  Hospital furniture refers to a series of furniture which is suitable for hospital indoor and outdoor and conforms to the operating standards of medical staff and has certain hygienic and operating requirements. Compared to traditional office furniture, although the same but it is a bowl, we engaged in relevant work in the hospital staff said before: the hospital procurement of furniture and office furniture company actual usage is not ideal, furniture and appropriate good hospital environment fusion, patients and hospital staff work habits, action principle. Exposing a lot of detail.
  The condole cabinet is too high, doctors and nurses need to stand on tiptoe, stretch their waist as far as possible, and even need to borrow a stool to use.
  Waiting chair, comfort, humanization is not enough. Factors such as department differentiation and patient mobility problems were not taken into account. Patients come to the hospital with pain, expecting help, urgency, time and other factors, resulting in disorder in the diagnosis process. In addition, most hospital furniture design, placement did not consider the reception function of the original chaos of the department has become more chaotic. Chaos on top of chaos is chaos, and the result is inconvenience and even fatigue for the patient.

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