Discussion on the color of medical furniture (1)

Because color is an emotional catalyst. Of subjectivity in visual color, especially in the medical treatment of the color of the furniture in the space to show the total can play word dose of patients and medical staff, so the rational space furniture color combinations in the examination room space design performance is particularly important, because in terms of the hospital, the color is of great significance to patients and staff. It is an important aspect of modern hospital furniture design to make use of the power of color for auxiliary treatment of patients and psychological adjustment of medical staff. Aikang medical found that the psychological impact of color on people is subtle, through the different collocation of color will produce different psychological impact, express different spiritual temperament and cultural connotation. According to different types of hospitals, different functional carriers to determine the medical furniture collocation demand, color selection and collocation scheme.

All sorts of colour have his characteristic, should undertake according to its characteristic in use trade-off. For example, the warm color represented by yellow is beneficial to show the warm and humanized care of the hospital. And with blue, green as a representative of the cool tone can give a person with rigorous, scientific, hope professional association. Therefore, the design of medical furniture must flexibly use a variety of colors, in order to reflect the unique personality of the hospital.

Hospital color design should take into account the functionality of the environment, and be conducive to the rehabilitation of patients and the mood of medical staff. Such as narrow corridor and abortion liquidity big place to appropriate use of small area of pure and fresh, quietly elegant adornment style, both neither can attract large Numbers of people stop to watch, and can make the active atmosphere, give a person with mental feeling, relaxed, elegant in the narrow space of the natural lighting conditions are relatively poor, the proper use of lively colors, can increase the space distance, To reduce the discomfort caused by space tightness and people, the color matching of medical furniture should also echo the color matching of space.

Waiting and treatment space, waiting and treatment of the crowd is often accompanied by anxiety and tension. These emotions can have many negative effects if they are not properly addressed. Therefore, we generally choose warm colors when designing the appearance colors of waiting chairs, because generally speaking, warm colors can make patients feel warm and appropriately eliminate their fear; Quietly elegant cool tone, can let the patient keep breathing normally, thinking clearly. Reasonable cold and warm color collocation can effectively resolve patients’ anxiety and resistance to treatment in the process of waiting and diagnosis and treatment. Yellow, a representative color in warm colors, is the most pleasing color in the color spectrum. It is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and light, which can stimulate people’s vitality. There is representative more in cool color attune for blue, it often gives a person with rigorous, relaxed visual perception, can dredge inner pressure and annoyed mood.

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