Nurse station workstations have those common types

What are the common types of nursing station workbench? The nursing station operating table is a common equipment in the hospital hall, and it is also indispensable for every ward in the hospital. Medical staff are generally in the nursing station work table to facilitate patient information and provide help to patients. The appearance of the nursing station should also be consistent with the overall decoration of the hospital, so as to reduce the sense of discomfort and improve the unity with the hospital. What are the common types of work tables in nursing stations?

Anti-static work table is generally made of anti-static melamine high pressure decorative laminate for the appearance of material and wood material composite. Wood materials are usually particleboard, embedded with conductive materials such as steel columns, and then grounded by grounding wires, so that the static charge of the table can be smoothly discharged to the ground by connecting wires.

Stainless steel work table, the table needs to lay an anti-static mat, mat through the contact line connected to the earth, reach the effect of discharge static electricity.

Anti-static work table is to satisfy the user’s general work table function on the basis of the increase of anti-static function, that is, how to discharge static electricity. Clean work table is a kind of laminar flow part of the air purification equipment, the selection of adjustable air volume fan system, in the conditioning of the fan work table, can make the clean operation area of the wind speed has been maintained in the range of interests, according to customer requirements equipped with pressure gauge, can grasp the change of filter resistance at any time.

In addition to the basic function of the nursing station operation table, it should also have a certain corrosion resistance function, because when the medical staff will pour the agent on the nursing station operation table, if it is not treated, it will form corrosion to the table, affecting the appearance of the nursing station operation table.

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