Discussion on the color of medical furniture (2)

In the application of color, the proportion of different characters and colors is often matched to meet the comprehensive needs of environmental functions. For example, waiting area is a wide space, but some patients here often reveal nervous and anxious mood, with what color to relieve their mood? Can design some color wall medical puzzles, with bright colors and rich patterns to attract their attention, which helps to eliminate or reduce their irritable psychology, to their smooth treatment has a very good effect.

The waiting room uses more warm colors, such as red, pink, yellow, which is better than the use of a large area of cold colors to ease the fear of medical patients. The most immediate response is to make them feel friendly, if the local embellishment of some blue-green tones, but also to remove their irritability, a degree of calm effect. Such as blue as the background color, will make patients feel calm, eliminate tension; At the same time appropriate with yellow, pink and other warm colors to decorate, will play an auxiliary role in treatment. Wall painting also plays an auxiliary role in diagnosis and treatment, which can attract the attention of patients and make it easier for doctors to consult. Draw patterns on the wall of the examination table for patients to enjoy while lying down for examination. The screen can have a lot of content, such as object recognition, counting, color discrimination and so on, which is convenient for doctors to check, patients can quietly cooperate. In addition, the collocation of desks, chairs and cabinets in a variety of bright colors can also make patients feel lively and cordial atmosphere during diagnosis and treatment. The patient is relaxed and the treatment is more effective.

Ward: Ward is the place where patients and their families live for a long time. Its environment and decoration will always have a psychological effect on patients, their families and medical staff. Comfortable warm colors such as yellow, cream-colored metope color, can appropriately relieve the patient’s sense of anxiety, make its mood gentle, conducive to treatment, also have auxiliary effect to rehabilitation. Besides metope colour can make ward more have “family type” sweet atmosphere, let expensive person and family member mood live more easily among them, colorific comfortable adornment picture not only can build kind natural feeling, also can set off the decorous atmosphere of whole environment.

In addition to the conventional color usage rules of the above functional zones, different types of hospitals will also have differences in color usage due to the different aesthetic and psychological needs of audiences. For example, the overall color of children’s hospital will be more diverse and gorgeous; Hospital of department of gynaecology often uses pink, purple series, in order to highlight the feminine softness, warmth and romance.

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