Design of medical furniture in children’s hospital

  The current age range of patients in the Children’s Hospital is from 0 to 18 years old, with different childhood characteristics. The physiological, psychological and behavioral characteristics of children in different stages are very different, and then different needs are presented. At children’s hospital medical environment is the main carrier of children’s medical behavior, medical institutions, including children, children’s hospital of specialized subject hospital, general hospital of pediatrics, maternal and child health care hospital of pediatrics, rehabilitation hospital, or other specialized subject hospital of pediatrics, etc., these medical institutions related to children’s medical behavior of medical environment are called the children’s medical environment, Today we are going to talk about the medical furniture design and medical environment collocation of children’s hospital.
  Overall planning of children’s Hospital furniture:
  Curiosity and fun is the nature of every child, so we must design children’s furniture according to the psychological characteristics of children, interesting and set of games, learning, application functions as one of the furniture, so that they can meet their endless curiosity and desire to explore. And to such lively style and diversiform combination, broke the situation that traditional children furniture unifies the world not only. Interesting medical furniture for children is designed from the characteristics of children themselves, so that children can get happiness in the process of using furniture, which is also conducive to their physical and mental health. There are interesting furniture will make the baby have a happy activity space, effectively promote the growth of the baby.
  Children’s interesting medical furniture can give full play to children’s imagination, but also stimulate children’s creativity. In addition, the color and style can also be changed, so that children can actively participate in the treatment through the collocation of color and style. Children’s medical furniture in addition to emphasizing product material, environmental protection and safety, pediatric medical furniture should pay more attention to functional and interesting product design, which is also a part of reflecting product characteristics.
  The design of children’s medical environment needs comprehensive design theories, and also involves many psychological contents such as emotion and emotion. At the same time, using the relevant theories of sociology, psychology, behavior, aesthetics, architecture and urban design for reference, the present medical furniture configuration of children’s medical environment is analyzed and explained. Complex functions in the health care environment must be integrated in order for child patients to receive the most effective medical care. Functional integration refers to that when designing the space carrying basic functions inside the children’s medical environment, internal functions or other related functions can be combined to enrich the space environment and optimize the space function.

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