Application of principles in hospital furniture

Principle application of hospital furniture:

At present, the application of new materials, new technology and new technology has made modern hospital medical home develop by leaps and leaps. New modeling is reflected by new materials and new technological beauty. Material technology has a great influence on the modeling of medical furniture.

The basic application of color modeling of hospital furniture is to play a role in the maintenance of medical furniture and maintain its good use function in a certain period. Color surface should have the following functions: anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature, anti-oxidation, anti-friction, anti-combustion, insulation, mildew, anti-fouling and so on. The selected materials should be energy saving, low consumption, low pollution, easy recovery and reuse.

Hospital furniture is not only a simple functional material product, it should not only meet some specific direct use, but also meet the psychological comfort of patients for medical care, so that people in the process of contact and use to produce some aesthetic pleasure and trigger rich association of spiritual needs. The realization of the spiritual needs of medical furniture is to convey a beautiful visual effect to the users through certain aesthetic rules, on the basis of the function of medical furniture, with certain shape and color materials as the carrier.

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