Custom hospital furniture color matching options generally follow those principles

Hospital furniture should first satisfy the use function of hospital staff. In addition to the special space with medical functions, environmental color is also an important basic link. Generally, a large area of public space, the environmental color should adopt elegant, high brightness, low saturation harmonic color, and the color of the whole public environment unified and coordinated to form a keynote. In customizing hospital furniture, one principle is generally followed: the tone of color should be quiet, soft, peaceful and inclusive, such as light pink, light blue, light green and milky white. Although everybody is different to colorific be fond of, but the harmony that goes up to get patient experience, ought to use colorific psychological effect to adjust indoor emotional appeal.

In addition, the selection of medical furniture should be in accordance with the overall style of hospital interior design. Hospital indoor environment is an important part of the medical furniture, its style, shape, color and surface texture will directly affect the effect of the whole hospital indoor environment. Therefore, when customizing medical furniture, the factory will produce and design products according to the needs and internal colors of the hospital, so that the customized hospital furniture and the overall hospital interior design style echo. For example, in general hospitals, there will be certain attention to the furniture color of each department, such as:

Obstetrics and gynecology: to reflect female characteristics, available purple, pink and other series, build a fashionable, warm, downy female environment for medical treatment.

Nerve division: yellow can stimulate nerve and digestive system, conduce to strengthen logical thinking ability, can stimulate the desire of depressed patient and volition activity.

Ent division: calm blue can slow muscle tension, flabby nerve. Operating room: can choose green or blue, give a person a kind of quiet, comfortable, trust feeling, can relieve mental fatigue

Eye fatigue, but also can eliminate the doctor long see red

Color produced visual fatigue, stable doctor’s mood.

Waiting room: can use warm yellow, yellow is the most pleasing color in chromatography, be regarded as the symbol of wisdom and brightness, can stimulate the vitality of the person.

Treatment room: suitable for using blue to make the person feel calm color, make the patient eliminate nervous mood.

Emergency Department: Green, symbolizing the green channel, helps relieve nervous tension. Psychiatric ward; Light blue filled in the mental ward, so that the spirit of highly nervous patients, quiet, comfortable, light surrounded by light, so that restless restless heart, to calm down!

In short, the hospital furniture is suitable for the use of high lightness, low color purity of the soft tone, to give patients a light, steal fast, clean feeling. In view of different groups of people and different length of hospitalization period, different color matching of ward furnishings is carried out. Light blue environment has stable mood to high fever patient, the effect that reduces fever step by step, and green makes the person feels comfortable, kind.

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