Contemporary interior decoration new protagonist – hanging wall board

  Modern public buildings pursue human fashion, durable and easy to maintain, and as the result of modern interior decoration technology, wall hanging system has become a better choice, and has been widely used in Europe and The United States in the past 20 years. In recent years, wall hanging system also began to be adopted by some large public buildings in China, and has been recognized by more and more designers and party A. Wall hanging system for the use of special special anti-times special plate (inner wall plate) and bending anti-times special plate (corner and door frame, window frame Angle processing), with hardware pendants and other ways to build the inner wall wall. It can be fixed on the wall of brick and other materials, or directly fixed on the two sides of the metal frame to become the partition of the interior space.
  The wall panel is made of several layers of kraft paper impregnated by phenolic resin and imported decorative paper treated by material materials, and then pressed by etching steel plate under high temperature and high pressure. Thickness can be adjusted according to need, from 1.6mm to 30mm can be made. Hang wall board according to its surface color paper layer, can satisfy a variety of design and color to choose demand, because this can serve as adornment material, because have firm, bear the characteristic of impact again, also can serve as structural material.
  Wallboard has good stability, good, water resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, drug resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance characteristics, so the application range of resistance times the wall board is very wide, can be roughly divided into the following three types:
  1, inner wall – because the wall panel has wear-resisting, fire prevention, anti-bacteria and anti-static and other characteristics, widely used in banks and airports and other systems of counters and inner walls, public places and sanitary cubicles, station platform windbreak wall and bench, school tables and chairs, dining tables and cupboard hangers, etc.
  2, outdoor type – wall panel monochrome, wood grain color and metal color 3 series, bright color, beautiful, mostly used for public facilities and other external walls and balconies, as well as various personnel in and out of the facilities.
  3, balance colony type – balance colony plate has outstanding balance colony, so it is widely used in food factory, laboratory, biochemical laboratory and clinical practice room and other facilities, as well as research institute and communication room workbench.

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