What are the common types of nurse station workstations

  What are the common types of nurse station workbench? Nurse station workbench is a common equipment in the hospital hall, and also an indispensable hardware facility in every ward of the hospital. Medical staff usually work at a nurse’s station bench to facilitate access to information and help patients. The appearance design of the nurse station workbench needs to be consistent with the overall decoration of the hospital to reduce the discomfort of patients and improve the unity with the hospital. So what are the common types of workstations in nurses’ stations?
  Nurse station workbench type is mainly divided into: L type nurse station, round nurse station, arc nurse station, U type nurse station, the table is mainly made of composite acrylic, its characteristics easy to clean, no adsorption, high temperature resistance, friction resistance.
  The cabinet is generally made of electrolytic steel plates, and some hospitals will choose wooden nurses’ stations. Steel nurse station work table is now widely used in hospitals, electrolytic steel plate is a kind of high-quality metal material, smooth, flat surface, not easy to damage, electrolytic steel plate is based on cold rolled steel plate deep processing electrolytic layer of zinc, compared with cold rolled steel plate electrolytic steel plate has anti-rust function.
  In addition to meeting the basic functions, the color design should be matched according to the overall color of the hospital, and the characteristics of each department should also be considered. For example, the surgical nurse station adopts white and blue lines, and the gynecological nurse station adopts pink. Different colors give people different experience.
  After continuous upgrading, anti-static workbench is added to the market, and anti-static function is added, that is, how to release static electricity. Clean table is a laminar flow local air purification equipment. Choose a fan system with adjustable air volume. After adjusting the fan workbench, the wind speed in the clean work area can be kept within the range of interest. Pressure gauge can be equipped according to customer requirements, at any time to grasp the change of filtration resistance.
  Nurse station workbench not only has the basic function, but also has a certain corrosion resistance function. This is because if medical staff spill drugs on the surface of the nursing station, it will corrode the surface and affect the appearance of the nursing station.

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