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  The use of the table is more than just a meeting will use the enterprise learning or reception of clients are used to, so the whole table is also is important in the enterprise and the types of office furniture, and in order to ensure that the table, the overall service life is long enough, in use process is also the need for maintenance, So how to maintain the conference table? Next, let’s learn about it with igolden furniture.
  1, in order to avoid the table structure in damage cases continue to use, so pay attention to regularly check the structure in the process of using table whether damage, such as loose or other parts fall off phenomenon, this can not only avoid in the process of using some unnecessary harm, also can avoid the structure damage and enlargement to the table, the service life of the whole, Therefore, this point must be taken seriously in the use of conference tables.
  2, due to the table after a period of time using the surface how many are there is some dirt stain, so in order to avoid the accumulation of dust dirt and stains on the conference table with the overall impact, it is in use process need to pay attention to the correct cleaning and maintenance, the method must be caused take seriously, if the right way, So not only can not ensure its cleaning and maintenance to achieve the ideal effect, but also cause some damage to the structure of the conference table in other aspects.
  3. Because some conference tables as a whole are designed with certain intelligent functions, in order to avoid their influence on normal use, it is necessary to pay attention to check whether the functional design is not smooth or hidden dangers in other aspects in the process of use. Once there are adverse phenomena, it is necessary to deal with them in time. And this can effectively avoid the service life of the conference table is affected, so the maintenance of the conference table in all aspects of small details also need to pay attention to.

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