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  As the new generation of 80.90 gradually becomes the main group of consumption and social activities, consumers’ consumption concept and aesthetic individuation are constantly improved, and their pursuit of individuation is reflected in their life and work, which promotes the rise of customized services, such as whole house customization, clothing customization, travel customization, furniture customization, etc. This consumption trend has also influenced more and more enterprises to start to favor the customization of hospital furniture, so as to customize a set of unique hospital furniture belonging to their own enterprise culture. So, why do enterprises choose to customize hospital furniture? What are the advantages of hospital furniture customization?
  1. Choose safe and environmentally friendly materials
  About 80% of hospital furniture to the quality of hospital furniture raw materials problems, most is board type furniture, hospital furniture advocate material USES all kinds of man-made board, because man-made board production process and material issue panel will appear not level off, the problem such as formaldehyde exceeds bid, have even on market partial businessman, all in the name of real wood of hospital furniture surface so-called pure real wood furniture, hospital Drawer panels and other not easy to notice places with plywood, particleboard, MDF to earn the difference. Board type furniture formaldehyde problem also has been the most concern in the public, and now problems with formaldehyde plate hospital furniture in the market a lot of see, if I choose a hospital furniture customization, we can choose to customize the hospital furniture material, source control with green healthy materials, enterprises can be more comfortable to use them.
  2. Reasonable cost, more cost-effective
  Many people talk about the first impression of hospital furniture customization service is “expensive”. In fact, hospital furniture customization can make the most suitable hospital furniture according to the use scenario, special requirements, uses and so on, so as to improve the service life of hospital furniture. At the same time, hospital furniture customization can be tailored to local conditions, according to the actual hospital environment for modeling design, saving space to avoid unnecessary waste of resources, modern hospital costs are quite high, from this point of view, is also the embodiment of high cost performance.
  3. You can customize the style
  Traditional ready-made hospital furniture consumers value the shape, the size may be inappropriate; If the size is right, the shape may not be right; The size and shape are appropriate, but not necessarily appropriate, and finally can only make do.

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