Children’s Hospital Furniture Design and Decoration Scheme Introduction

Children’s hospital furniture design and decoration scheme introduction

To develop the decoration design scheme of children’s hospital furniture, we should start from the hospital process first, and then carry out partition processing. In the process of partition, not only should the function of each area be carefully analyzed, but also the specific requirements of the hospital should be fully understood, such as what kind of material and form should be used in what kind of area, and what special requirements the hospital has. For example, when a doctor performs an operation, he will see blood. If he sees blood for a long time, his vision will be distorted. In view of this phenomenon, in the decoration of the operating room wall, we should consider the use of red complementary color — green, so that doctors will not easily produce visual deviation even if they see blood for a long time.

After fully analyzing the functions of each area and understanding the requirements of the hospital in detail, we can design the decoration scheme of children’s hospital furniture and select and recommend the decoration materials. Children’s adaptability to the environment is worse than that of adults. When considering the layout of children’s hospital, we should try our best to stand in the perspective of children and take into account some jobs that children need. The age span of children is relatively large, their requirements to the hospital are not the same.

For example, infants and young children, to involve maternal and infant feeding, when doing the design should consider the problem of maternal and infant feeding room; For children of school age segment, should consider education room; For children of all ages, consider play areas; Counseling rooms may also be considered for parents. All these should be set up reasonably in combination with ward and clinic area.

1. Outpatient area: The outpatient hall is the first image of hospital interior construction and the key construction site of every children’s hospital. Outpatient service hall at the same time also is an important part of children’s hospital culture propaganda, adornment is focused on how to combine the children’s hospital culture propaganda and decoration, so when choosing wall materials will have to pay attention to the decorative material and shape, all the materials on the market only a “safe disinfection board” can do this.

First of all, due to the special transparent material of the safety disinfection board, it can be randomly matched with a variety of different decorative paper, and any combination of colors and patterns can create a variety of decorative effects of different styles, or simple and generous, or enthusiastic and unrestrained, so that patients and medical staff feel like home.

Secondly, the transparent material of the safety disinfection board can also be used as a powerful carrier of hospital culture propaganda. The hospital culture, concept, hospital characteristics, construction history and other contents can be all made on the decorative paper, and then fit with the transparent safety disinfection board, so that the culture and characteristics of the whole hospital can be presented in front of people in a list. This kind of decoration method is beneficial to highlight the characteristics of the hospital, highlight the personality of the hospital, enhance the competitiveness of the hospital, is the construction of modern hospitals need to be promoted.

2. Inpatient area: including the entrance hall of the inpatient building, the passage of the guest room area, the ward, the operating room and so on. Because some children need to stay in these areas for a long time, the decoration of these areas is very important. In addition to receiving treatment and examination, patients spend most of their time in the ward, so the decorative layout of the ward has an important impact on the overall image of the hospital and the rehabilitation of patients. This is the main body of the current renovation.

If the funds are sufficient, the decoration can be refined to some other areas. Because the patient’s constitution and resistance to disease are not as good as healthy people, easy to be infected by viruses and bacteria. So, the adornment material of ward ought to choose the material that has good antibacterial dustproof effect, be like safe disinfection board, its antibacterial performance passes the detection of many laboratories all over the world, prove its 24 hours kill bacterium rate to amount to 99.99%. With the strong protection of safe disinfection board, the quality of patient’s living environment health was guaranteed, and the threat of germs is less.

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