The advantages of hanging wall panels

  1 fire excellence: hang wallboard has good fireproof performance, flame combustion duration is zero, 800 ℃ not burning, 120 ° ℃ without fire, fire non-combustible level A1 level, with high-quality keel partition system, fireproof limit reached more than 3 hours, in case of fire in the process of combustion can absorb large amounts of heat energy, delay the increase of ambient temperature.
  2 Waterproof and moistureproof. Wall panels in dry, cold and wet weather performance is stable, not affected by humid air, put in the water soaked for several days after taking out the natural air dry, not deformation, stratification, can be used normally. After professional testing, the board body without permeability.
  3 light seismic: the apparent density of wall panels is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, reducing the load of the building, reducing the weight of the inner wall of the building by more than 60%, while increasing the use area of 5-8%. Light weight is conducive to seismic resistance of the structure, effectively reducing the cost of foundation and structure.
  4 strength voltage: hanging wall board weight is light, but the structure is close, good stability, no deformation, with wood-like toughness, impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile and breaking performance is excellent, both rigid and tough, bending strength up to 322kGF /cm2(vertical) and 216kGF /cm2(horizontal), impact strength up to 25MPa.
  5 environmental health: wall panels do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements, smokeless, non-toxic, no smell. The production material is natural mineral powder and plant fiber, the production process of natural conservation, less energy consumption, no sewage, energy saving and environmental protection, the use of the board does not contain powder, its unique natural fine hole structure, can adjust the indoor temperature, make the room and office more comfortable.
  6 heat insulation and energy saving: hanging wall board uniform fine hole, dense, inorganic properties, thermal conductivity of 0.216W/cm-K, than 1.1W/cm-K gray sand brick cut more heat insulation, save energy consumption, so that the room to maintain a comfortable environment, fresh air.

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