Bank furniture how to choose negotiating tables and chairs?

  Business negotiation table and chair combination is mainly divided into wood-based panel and solid wood, among which there are many kinds of wood-based panel. When we look at the finished bank furniture, it is difficult to tell whether it is solid wood or wood-based panel, which can only be detected through quality inspection. Therefore, when customizing bank office furniture, we can first ask the material used by the bank office furniture manufacturer, and we must write clearly when signing the contract. If there are problems after customizing the furniture, we can solve them according to the contract.
  Banking business negotiation table and chair combination in the process of the custom is very exquisite, customers customized furniture manufacturer is the bank after their purchase intention, the first thing to choose good material, and then let the factory to the field measurements, after get the finished product, observe the material of furniture and design, so the custom furniture can guarantee. In addition, in the process of customization of furniture, clear furniture accessories, transportation and other costs.
  In the custom business negotiation table and chair group
  Before the meeting, we can measure the size and area of the bank office first, and then conceive the indoor plane layout according to the space of the bank, so that the size of the bank furniture is consistent with the area and height of the workplace.

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