You should consider these when designing nurse’s station for hospital decoration!

  Basic principles of nursing station design
  The design of the nurse station is mainly for the consideration of patients. On the one hand, it gives the patients psychological response to relieve pain, and the two can make the patients actively deal with the negative impact of the condition.
  Therefore, the following three principles must be followed:
  1, reasonable nursing radius, convenient to take care of each ward.
  2, line of sight, convenient to observe the nursing unit in each ward activities.
  3. Good ventilation and lighting.
  In the nurses’ station, full consideration should be given to the placement of medical equipment and items, as well as the relative privacy and aesthetics of this area. Reserve storage facilities for nurses’ stations; The storage space of the nurse station is increased, while the area of the nurse station is reduced, and the working area of the nurse station is increased.
  2. The position of the nurse standing inside the nursing unit
  1. The nurse station is located in the middle of the nursing unit
  This arrangement takes the nurse station as the core, and all the wards are arranged around the nursing unit. It is characterized by reasonable nursing radius of nursing unit, medical staff can easily reach each ward, convenient observation of patients. This arrangement is suitable for strip nurse station plane and is widely used in practical engineering.
  2. The nurse station is scattered inside the nursing unit
  There are two or more nurse stations in one nursing unit, which are divided into several different nursing groups. The nurse station is closely connected with the ward. This mode has the shortest nursing distance and the highest efficiency. However, as more nursing staff are needed, the management of medical staff is more demanding. This way is common in some large hospitals abroad.
  3. Form of nurse station
  The nurse station itself comes in three forms: open, semi-open and closed. The open type means that the nursing station is not separated from other parts of the nursing unit. Closed is the design of the nurse station in a closed room; The semi-open is somewhere in between.
  4. Summary of functional design
  Nurse station is not only the function of medical record registration, patient consultation, doctor call signal, but also should expand its function, make it become a department or the central control room of the first floor of the ward, realize the control of the modern facilities and equipment of the ward, assume the important role of the nursing unit. The ergonomic design of the nurses’ table is based on a 780mm high and 1050mm high double-layer countertop design. Part of the 780mm high table is used to facilitate patients to sit for consultation and conversation, 1050mm high table is convenient for patients and family members to write in a standing position, keeping part of the 780mm ~ 1050mm table difference, so that nurses have a relatively quiet work record area, using the height of the 270mm space can store part of the document record books. At the same time, the higher part can block the computer monitor, part of the document record book, etc., to ensure the visual cleanliness of the table. Dark ark cabinet put oneself in another’s position will flow all the strong and weak electricity line layout, printer (2 a) and host (a) per person per person (a), seat, in the place that take the door have a nurse assistant position (with alarm, telephone, call the host signal, etc.), at the same time design within the range of the counter part of the medical record ark and filing cabinets, the drawer and cabinet design and the installation of the lock, To meet the nursing work space of different departments. It not only makes effective use of space and increases visual beauty, but also reduces the occupation and increases the working area of the nurse station. On the premise of satisfying the functions, it creates harmonious space in the system of each profession in the nurse station.

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