How to choose hospital interior decoration design materials?

  Hospital is a special living environment “heal the wounded and rescue the dying”, interior decoration must first meet the use of its medical service function, at the same time, to the hospital patients and hospital staff also hope to be in a safe, clean, quiet, healthy, comfortable environment to accept diagnosis and treatment or work.
  Creating a good medical living environment is the common goal of hospital builders, medical staff, patients and accompanying visitors. The particularity of medical service function and medical living environment makes the selection of hospital decoration design materials have higher standards and requirements than ordinary buildings, which must meet the principles and requirements of medical safety and other aspects of the relevant standards. The basic principles of hospital interior decoration design materials selection mainly include the following aspects:
  Meet the requirements of medical function and medical safety: meet the requirements of hygiene
  Meet fire safety fire code requirements: minimize windowless rooms
  To meet the needs of nosocomial infection control: to ensure a safe, clean and healthy hospital environment
  Meet the requirements of hospital environment safety: avoid secondary injury to patients
  To meet the requirements of hospital noise control: to create a quiet and comfortable environment for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
  To meet the requirements of hospital energy conservation, environmental protection and therapeutic environment
  Meet medical function and medical safety requirements
  Hospital is a special place for “saving the dying and healing the wounded”. The choice of interior decoration design materials must meet the basic needs of medical service and medical safety.

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